Good luck prayer for a new venture

Is there such a thing as a good luck prayer? Looking to God to bring us luck in our lives is actually a common thing. We turn to God with prayers of guidance and love and strength, should we not turn to God for good luck?
Now the good luck prayer we are talking about here is not the one to win the lottery! This type of prayer is to bring good luck for ourselves or others in a new venture or opportunity in our lives. It is the type of luck we are looking for once we’ve taken action to better our lives.
Again like with most things in prayer, we need to be grateful for what we have in life already. Being thankful to God for providing us with what we already have will help our good luck prayer. Gratitude and acceptance is the first step to changing our lives.
A prayer for good luck is very similar to a prayer for hope or a prayer for change. It is asking God to intercede and change our fortunes. Usually we are asking for this at a time of great change in our lives.
When we go through great changes in our lives, or take on new responsibilities, we sometimes need guidance and luck from God. Looking for guidance and for good luck from God in a new adventure is not an uncommon thing.
When I am praying for good luck, I like to talk to God about what I’ve done and to try and make my new venture succeed. For example, when I created this blog and the one at, I said a good luck prayer to God. I explained what I was doing and what I was trying to achieve. In the prayer I identified the things I had done in preparation, as well as what I was going to do. I asked God to bring me good luck with my new blog.
In looking to get good luck with new ventures, I like to think that God looks favourably on those ventures that help and serve people. Websites like and this fantastic Prayer to St Jude site are example of this. Helping and serving others is one of the foundation principles of Christianity. God will look with favour on a good luck prayer when it’s helping others.

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